Benefits of CBD and Exercise

CBD And Exercise; Can It Help?

Everyone knows that consistency is the key to getting great results. If you’ve decided to amp up your exercise routine, it means more trips to the gym and more at-home workouts.

This is very exciting, with a teeny-weeny setback: post-workout soreness.  But don’t let that deter you, we’ve got something for you. 

If you are looking for some support for your work out regime, check out these benefits of CBD and Exercise!

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CBD 411

First, let’s have a little refresher on CBD and its potential benefits. CBD is one of the compounds found in the cannabis and hemp plants. You’ve probably heard of another famous compound called THC.

Unlike THC, CBD does not produce a euphoric effect, so it will not make you high. This is a plus in our book, because getting on a treadmill while buzzed, truly sounds like a nightmare.

CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). ECS’s primary job is to keep things in the body running smoothly.

It helps with things like mood, sleep, metabolism, appetite, and stress. In other words, your health and fitness reap huge benefits from the work of the ECS.

ECS uses endocannabinoids to send messages through its network of receptors. Providing ECS with CBD is believed to increase its effectiveness. And who wouldn’t want that! 

Now let’s take a look at how incorporating CBD pre work out can enhance your experience. Hint: CBD and exercise are a match made in heaven!

Woman working out in a gym. benefits of cbd and exercise. cbd and exercise recovery. Does cbd oil help recovery from exercise? cbd pre workout.

Before You Work Out

It turns out there are many benefits to taking CBD oil before workouts. CBD is a vasorelaxant, and studies confirm that it could help open up the arteries and increase blood flow to limbs and muscles. That sounds perfect for a long spin class or a fast-paced jog.

Additionally, CBD lowers blood pressure, which could help you work out for longer without getting fatigued. There are several methods of taking CBD pre work out.

You could, for example, have some CBD pre work out edibles. CBD edibles are some of the most popular CBD products on the market, so you should have no problem finding one that suits your taste.

Taking CBD 30 minutes before exercising could make your work out feel less strenuous.

Plus, the small amount of sugar contained in most edibles can give you a small boost of energy.

Taking CBD oil pre work out can let it work its magic during exercise and carry on into providing post work out benefits.

Woman working out with ropes.

CBD and Exercise Recovery

Working out causes microscopic damage to your muscles and results in you feeling sore. CBD could help bring down inflammation and alleviate soreness. This is why CBD and exercise recovery have become a hot topic in the fitness community.

Many trainers and professional athletes started incorporating CBD oil for exercise recovery and are extremely happy with the results.

But you don’t have to take their words for it. Multiple studies also found that CBD could help with lowering inflammation, swelling, and arthritic pain. 

There is another way CBD oil can help recovery from exercise. CBD infused topicals like balms and lotions can help with localized pain and inflammation relief.

When CBD is applied directly to the skin, it immediately bonds to ECS’s CB1 and CB2 receptors located there.

The receptors send a message to the brain, and voila, your legs are a little bit less on fire from that bad-ass run you took.

Woman in a yoga pose. benefits of cbd and exercise. cbd and exercise recovery. cbd pre workout edibles.

Pain and Injury Flair-Ups

There is nothing more frustrating than hitting a good stride with your exercise regime only to be slowed down by an old injury flare-up.

CBD is a well-known pain reliever and a helpful agent for muscle soreness and joint discomfort.

It has also been noted to help with arthritic pain and chronic inflammation associated with old injury flair-ups.

In terms of CBD and exercise recovery, CBD lotions can provide post-workout relief as well as soothe past injury pains.

Woman exercising. cbd pre workout edibles.

CBD Oil for Exercise Recovery VS NSAIDs

Many athletes have become supporters of CBD for pain and inflammation management because of the supposed lack of side effects.

Over the counter pain and inflammation medications (NSAIDs) can cause high blood pressure, gastrointestinal damage, increased risk of heart problems, and possible kidney damage.

This makes CBD an attractive alternative for those looking for support with their exercise recovery.

CBD is also considered non-habit forming, and it is not possible to develop a tolerance for CBD. So you can continue taking the same dose of CBD for an extended time.

Woman stretching and in yoga pose.

Final Thoughts

There are many benefits to using CBD for exercise recovery.

There is a wide selection of products ranging from CBD oil and edibles to CBD topicals.

CBD can be the little pick me up you need to crush those fitness goals!

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