CBD Bath Bombs: Your New Favorite Bathtime Retreat

CBD Bath Bombs

CBD is one of the hottest topics in wellness right now, and for good reason! This fantastic little compound has so many reported benefits and people worldwide use it for all kinds of aches and ailments.

Generally, it’s found in oils, vapes, or flower, but CBD bath bombs are all the rage at the moment. Who wouldn’t want to kick back and relax with a fizzy bath bomb that smells great and also boasts the benefits of CBD?

CBD bath bombs are great for newcomers to CBD as well as those who have been using it for ages. Who doesn’t love a good, relaxing soak now and then?

If you’re unsure, or if you’re new to CBD altogether, let’s have a little chat about why enhancing your next bath with CBD just makes sense!

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First of All: What Are CBD Bath Bombs?

It might seem self-explanatory, but let’s explain just a little bit.

Bath bombs are fizzy combinations of Epsom salts, sodium bicarbonate, and citric acid.

They’re molded into balls or fun shapes and typically infused with essential oils to give you a total spa day in the comfort of your own bathroom. You leave your bath feeling silky smooth, smelling nice, and totally relaxed.

CBD bath bombs are just like that, but with CBD! If you didn’t know, CBD is kind of like the non-psychoactive cousin to THC.

Its “real name” is cannabidiol and it’s reported to have many restorative, soothing, and relaxation properties that make it ideal for use in a soak!

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But How Do CBD Bath Bombs Work?

Well, they’re no different than normal bath bombs but with a few bonus properties.

Generally, CBD is inhaled or used topically in small areas on the body. Sometimes people even consume it via edibles!

When it’s used in a bath bomb, though, you get the benefits of topical CBD use all over. Your skin is the largest organ of your body.

This means that applying CBD all-over (via a nice soak in the tub) can have some major impacts!

The heat from your bath will speed up your circulation, open up your pores, and allow the CBD to work its magic anywhere that the water touches.

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What About CBD Bath Salts?

Hey, maybe you’re not a bath bomb person. We get it.

Sometimes you feel the need to savor that bath bomb forever so as not to waste it and then you realize that you’ve had it for two years sitting in a basket in your bathroom, sad and unused (Can anyone else relate?).

Having that one awesome bomb can make it feel too precious for a mid-week soak.

Fret not, CBD bath salts are here to save the day.

Chemically, they’re similar to CBD bath bombs. You have Epsom salts, exfoliators, and some awesome therapeutic ingredients to make you feel silky soft and so chilled out even without the CBD.

So wouldn’t CBD make bath time just a little bit better?

They also feel a little less “precious”, While still an at-home spa for aching muscles and a stressed-out mind, they don’t feel quite as “one and done” as the bath bomb which can feel more like a weekend retreat, “glass of wine in the tub with a good book, don’t bother me” situation.

If you’ve had a long day at work or a particularly rough work-out, a weekday soak with CBD bath salts could be just the ticket. They’re a gentle introduction to CBD and you can control how much you use!

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So What Are the Benefits of a CBD Bath?

CBD bath salts and CBD bath bombs aren’t just there to smell nice and make your tub a little bit fizzy. A bath infused with CBD can potentially make your bathtime even more soothing. Isn’t that why you were taking a bath in the first place?

While CBD isn’t a medical treatment, it does have many reported benefits that have been researched and tested! Conveniently, many of them are great for a dip in the tub.

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CBD for Relaxation and Stress Relief

One of the most popular reported benefits of CBD is the relief of stress and anxiety[1]. When you’re stressed out after a long day at work, or when you’re dealing with the day-to-day stressors of life, isn’t that when you’re taking a dip in a nice, hot tub?

CBD bath bombs and CBD bath salts aren’t just giving you the normal benefits of a bath, they’re adding a bonus boost of relaxation when the CBD seeps into your pores.

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid[2] system. Through that, cannabinoids impact your mood directly. CBD also interacts with serotonin, or a happiness hormone, giving you an overall sense of wellbeing.

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CBD for Pain

Do you ever have a really heavy workout that leaves you feeling sore and tight (leg day, right?)? Or a day where your joints just feel achy? A hot bath can ease some of the discomfort, but can you do better?

CBD might just be able to improve your pain-relief.

CBD has been researched and tested to reduce pain and swelling[3], making it a great addition to a soothing bath time.

The aches that come from temporary muscle soreness or even chronic pain may find relief from CBD bath salts or a CBD bath bomb.

It’s the perfect post-workout treat.

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CBD Bath Bombs for Your Skin

What’s one of the main reasons for using bath bombs and bath salts in general?

You want baby-soft skin, right?

Well, the exfoliators and oils present by default in bath bombs and salts can help with that, but did you know CBD is also reportedly good for skincare?

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, but there are also studies indicating that it can be beneficial in soothing acne and some pesky skin conditions[4]. If you have an irritating sunburn or an annoying rash, CBD might be able to soothe your skin woes.

On top of that, the other awesome ingredients in the best CBD bath bombs will leave your skin soft and smelling sweet.

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How Much CBD Do You Need?

So you might be wondering how much CBD should be in a bath bomb to get benefits from it.

The reality is that it varies by the person, but a 25mg CBD bath bomb is a great place to start, especially if you’re brand new to it. There’s no harm, however, in using bath bombs or bath salts with 100mg or more.

CBD is gentle, but starting low and adjusting for your needs is going to be key for getting the most out of your CBD baths (or any other great CBD products).

Remember, the CBD will be going all over your body, but you’ll also have some of the humidity and steam in the air helping to ease the CBD into your system.

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Is a CBD Bath in Your Future?

Are you ready for a relaxing spa experience at home? CBD bath bombs and CBD bath salts might be exactly what you need. Kick back, relax, grab a good book and take a soak in a bath enhanced with CBD.

Whether you’re brand new to CBD products or you’re a CBD expert, these are a great addition to any spa day at home. Let your aches and worries float away with the fizz from your new bath bombs.


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