Why Heeld Exists

While the world of cannabis is evolving quickly, the beauty and power of womanhood continues to evolve even faster. As women, we were surprised at how we were able to dramatically improve our lives simply by incorporating cannabis. There are so many nuances of womanhood that we realized could be nurtured with expertly formulated cannabis products - made specifically for women, by women. From exercise and self-care to sexual health and mental health, we created Heeld to educate women on how cannabis can change our lives.

"A strong woman looks a challenge dead in the eye and gives it a wink."

- Gina Carey

Made With Love

Our goal is to produce only the highest-quality THC-free CBD products for women. Each product is 100% natural and made with love, transparency and honesty. We only work with women formulators to ensure that each product is designed with the true needs of women in mind.


We exclusively use Farm Bill compliant facilities in our manufacturing process while using a CO2 extraction process to eliminate any traces of THC. Our extraction process keeps essential botanical compounds from the hemp plant intact, providing a spectrum of ingredients that help our products work better.

For The Modern Woman

No matter the circumstance, women can't be stopped. Our products are expertly designed and formulated by and for the modern woman. Challenges associated with womanhood should not be factors that prevent us from experiencing all that life has to offer. By expertly formulating products that tackle specific types of pain and discomfort associated with sexual, mental and physical health, we are creating a world where all women can rise to the occasion.  


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